Driving into Darkness (DI Angus Henderson 2)

Written by Iain Cameron
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Car thieves are terrorising Sussex
A gang of vicious car thieves are smashing into rural properties and stealing expensive cars. Their violence is escalating and it is feared someone will soon be killed. The prediction comes true when Sir Mathew Markham, a prominent Brighton businessman is murdered.
Detective Inspector Angus Henderson can see differences between the methods employed by the car thieves and the way the victim died, but his bosses, the press and the general public believe it was the gang and are baying for justice.
The DI must go out on a limb to prove another murderer is responsible, but in doing so, he puts his own life on the line.

Amazon reviews
‘On the edge of my seat, Couldn’t put it down.’
‘Good story as usual from this writer.’
‘2nd book by this author and I can’t wait for the 3rd’

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