Dr. Stud

Written by Jess Bentley

I’m burning up and only Dr. Stud has the cure.

So what if I’ve never had an O?
It’s not that big a deal!

I have a great life and a career in NYC.
So when that suddenly takes me back to my tiny hometown,
and I end up on the arrogant young Dr. Sturgill’s examining table,
he gives me everything I never knew I needed.

Everything I’ve been fighting against.
And more.
O-ver and o-ver again.
But soon the equipment he uses becomes very personal.
And just as I return to NYC, and he goes on a humanitarian mission,
I get it. Morning sickness.
Will I raise this baby alone?
Will Dr. Stud MD. be just what the doctor ordered?

Dr. Stud is a full-length 52 000 word steamy romance novel that will have you panting and turning pages, dreaming of your very own ‘lady treatment.’ For a limited time, Dr. Stud contains bonus content for your reading pleasure.



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