Doubloon Cove: The Secret of the Ancient Visitors

Written by Kelly Novak
Category: · Children’s Books

Everyone knows about the Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock in AD 1620. But were they really the first Europeans to reach what is now Massachusetts?

This is the question twelve-year-old Jeffrey—along with his sister, Cindy, and his best friend, Steven—seeks to answer after a couple of crooks break into his house. The target of the burglary appears to be Jeffrey’s parents’ research into America’s early Viking settlers—research that was initially ridiculed by the archaeological community.

The kids find one half of a piece of an ancient parchment that the burglars left behind and are stunned to discover that it fits with the parchment owned by Jeffrey’s parents. Together, the documents appear to be a treasure map to something “most precious” that is hidden in a nearby cave. And so the kids embark on a dangerous quest to discover this precious treasure, racing against the very same crooks who broke into Jeffrey’s house.

Set in a time before smartphones and Internet, Doubloon Cove is a thrilling adventure full of danger and revelations. History, mystery, and action come together in this compelling story, which is perfect for middle grade readers.



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