Double Exposition (Songs and Sonatas Book 1)

Written by Jerica MacMillan
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The former pop star and the classical musician …

“Double Exposition is a sinfully sweet and sexy rock star story that will have you swooning over your Kindles.” — USA Today bestselling author Lex MartinĀ 

“One of the most romantic college stories I’ve read all year! Pure romance writing genius!” — Mary Carr, Romazing Reader
“Refreshing, creative, and smartly written, Double Exposition is so much more than your average rockstar romance!” — Deb Markanton, Goodreads reviewer

A former boyband star gets a little musical education from a sexy violinist. Will they stay in different keys or find a way to play in tune?

The first time I saw her I knew I wanted her. And when she talked music with me? I didn’t stand a chance.

When she found out my secret past–that I used to be a famous pop star–I expected her to fangirl all over me. Because even though it’s been years since people cared about us, a ton of girls who grew up with our music still go nuts when they find out who I am.

Not Gabby. She was more interested in our future than my past.

I tried to stay away at first. She’s so young, eighteen to my twenty-two. Just starting out in college while I’m getting ready to leave.

But I couldn’t leave her alone. Her passion, her drive, her intoxicating combination of innocence and audacity. And that sexy little Texas twang. Damn. I was sunk from the start.

With her help, I started writing better songs than ever. And when a video of me playing a new song landed on YouTube and went viral, my life exploded in a return to fame I never thought I wanted.

How can I pass up this chance now that it’s being offered to me again? But if I take it, will Gabby and I be able to survive?

If you like rock star romances and sexy musicians, or you’ve ever been curious about what happens to a one hit wonder after the fame fades, don’t miss the first installment in this fresh take on a familiar trope. Full of sizzling chemistry and heartfelt emotion, grab this new adult pop star romance now!

This book is part one in a three book arc, with no cliffhangers.



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