Double Exposition (Songs and Sonatas Book 1)

Written by Jerica MacMillan

I was trying to do my homework
when the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen asked to share my table.

He looked familiar, and I just couldn’t figure out why …
until a nosy friend let it slip that he’s Jonny B.
Former member of the boyband Brash.
And my first celebrity crush.
He’s been out of the spotlight for years,
so I have no qualms about dating him as our relationship progresses.
Then a video of him playing one of his new songs goes viral.
The media fallout is insane, pushing him back into a life he said he didn’t want anymore.
But he was either lying to himself or lying to me,
because the next thing I know, he’s hiring a manager.
The only question left is
can we survive his return to fame?



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