Dormitory: (lesbian new adult college romance)

Written by Anja Talbot


College student Millicent Birdsall, better known as ‘Millie’, spent half of her freshman year at a university that she absolutely hated. The food was quite disgusting, the other students were among the most boring creatures on the planet, and to top it off, many of the dorm rooms smelled like rotten eggs. She decided to transfer to another school as soon as possible.

With her outstanding grades and her punctuality with deadlines, Millie got accepted to a university that seemed much more suitable for her: Eldridge University. Overall its campus was larger and seemed to be completely full of life. Opportunities sprung out from all directions, and Millie believed that she could now actually be in her own personal nirvana. Well, that’s until she meets Rex Rivers, a striking yet narcissistic and cunning sophomore girl who may or may not have banged half of the girls on her dorm floor.



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