DON’T HURT MY BABY: A Bad Boy Hitman Romance

Written by Zoey Parker
Category: · Mystery & Suspense


She’s a pawn in our twisted game.
Caught between two killers.
And we each have VERY different ideas on how to use her.

She’s better off with me than she is with the sadistic scum who owns her.
But that’s not saying much.
Because I’m a killer and a beast.

And when this beautiful prey falls in my path,
You can be damn sure I’m going to devour her.

After I’d had my fill, I thought I’d just throw her aside and get back to what I was doing:
Putting a bullet in her drug lord owner.

But I didn’t go through with it.
There’s something different about this one.

She’s special. Fragile. Worth protecting.
And if she wants to survive this hellhole, she’ll have to recognize the truth –
That I’m the only one who can keep her alive.

She might not care about herself anymore.
But there’s someone else whose life is worth saving…

The life of the baby I put in her womb.

I never thought I’d say these words.
But if any man lays a finger on my little angels…
I’ll kill him where he stands.

DON’T HURT MY BABY is a standalone contemporary bad boy baby heist romance. It’s hot, exciting, safe, and of course comes with a perfect HEA. It also includes bonus novels so you never have to stop reading!



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