donothing: The most rewarding leadership challenge you’ll ever take

Written by Rob Dubé
Category: · Business & Money

As business leaders, we are so often called to do things: make decisions, fix problems, manage money. But, the irony is, the more we do, the less control we have. Effective leadership requires composition, control, and focus–skills which are all strengthened by learning to donothing.

Years of practicing mindful meditation have helped Rob Dubé become an acclaimed entrepreneur, propelling his leadership to new heights. In donothing, he shares his experiences with meditation and silent retreats, the wisdom of other business leaders who have established meditation routines, and scientific studies that prove the positive effects of meditation on the mind, body, and heart. He also teaches you how to meditate–the easy part!–and the best ways to turn a daily practice into a lifelong habit.

It’s time to become the strongest, most efficient, and most mindful leader you can be–and all by embracing the ability to donothing.



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