Discharge: A Veteran’s Lessons on Outrunning the Pentagon, Moving Stolen Military Art, and Guzzling Civilian Freedom

Written by Ames Holbrook

DISCHARGE, the soldier-goes-civilian phenomenon reported on CNN:

The best war stories happen off the battlefield.

“I don’t laugh out loud much anymore… Iraq and Afghanistan stole that from me. However, reading the adventures of you and the Band-Aid Man has caused me to laugh out loud repeatedly, so thanks for giving that back.”
-Letter from a Service Member reading DISCHARGE

After completing his full tour, the son of six generations of war heroes, Ames Holbrook, realizes he does not share their destiny and decides to become a civilian. But the Army has other plans. So begins a road trip like no other, in which Ames sets out to indulge in the American freedom he’s been protecting, all while the Pentagon maneuvers to snatch him back, and a law-enforcement dragnet — tipped off that Ames and his road buddy are carrying a famed stolen painting — closes in.



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