Develop Your Idea!: Get off to a flying start with your startup. Guided exercises & resources for exploring & validating new business ventures

Written by K.N. Kukoyi
Category: · Business & Money

Have you got a business idea in mind? If so, let’s test it out, step-by-step!

Even if you don’t have an idea, this book will show you how to start a business where you know there are customers who will want what you’re going to offer them!

The major topics covered by this book include:
Starting a new business: Contractual agreements for hiring staff, trademarks, company formation, keeping financial records and tax considerations, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and Intellectual Property (IP) and their significance to you. You’ll find lots of signposts to direct you towards startup-friendly law services and legal documents that you can review and consider.

Researching your idea: In this section of the book, there are plenty of interactive exercises which will show you how to assess any business idea, along with tips and techniques you can start using for free, including little-known ways to automate the gathering of your research once you know what sort of information you are looking for. Save time and collect information even as you sleep!
You’ll also find resources to help you prepare a business plan in minutes.

Identifying your target market and target customer(s): This book will explain how to create a customer avatar with lots of suggestions, diagrams and examples to show you how to do this. You’ll also be shown how to hold professional “customer interviews” to gather feedback on your idea and refine it further.
These interviews will help you get to the heart of what customers want and need, and most importantly, what they will pay you for.

Raising funds for your business: We’ll cover a number of ways to raise money to build your product – choose the ones that are right for you.

This book comes with templates, scripts and free resources including an online workbook and spreadsheets to help you stay organised as you start to plan ahead.

Reach for the stars, whilst keeping your feet on the ground. Avoid unnecessary risks, and Develop Your Idea before you invest money in a new venture!

This book is for you if you:
●Are planning to start a new business venture and are at the idea, or early planning stages.
●Would like some techniques and a process that you can follow to research and test out your idea before you take the next step.
●Would like to know how to protect your interests when starting a new business.
●Are short on time and money and want some useful methods, and resources to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with starting a new business.

This is the first book in the Building Your Business series, that leads on to the 26-chapter software survival guide: Don’t hire a software developer until you read this book, for startups and entrepreneurs that want to start, or grow their tech business the smart way. It builds on the concepts seen in Develop Your Idea!
A wide range of topics are covered, including:
The pros and cons of building different types of software app, agile development principles and processes, pricing tactics and generating revenue from your app, basic marketing and SEO, creating prototypes from scratch and product development. The book also explains some of the different programming languages used to build apps, how to find and interview developers, how to project manage the build of a software application, product testing, managing a Beta software launch, customer care and support and more!



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