Death by Crockpot: A Gripping Humorous Suspense Thriller With Twists and Fun (A Kissing Bridge Enchanted Book Cafe Cozy Mystery)

Written by Linda West

“Side-splittingly funny and great little thriller. West gives Evanovich a run for her money. Loved this book. Can’t wait for the next!”
Posie Arnold Entertainment Now

USA Today Best Selling Author Linda West’s new humorous cozy mystery! Magical recipes, mystical cats and the funniest unique amateur sleuths ever!

5***** A cozy culinary mystery dream with the best chili recipe I’ve ever tried!!! This small-town cozy mystery is full of laugh out loud fun at the combo bakery-bookshop that is filled with humorous characters and a few adorable cats you can’t help but love. Sprinkled with great scenes and witty dialogue this is a page turning who dun thriller that will leave you guessing and cheering at the end! LOVED IT!!” – Ophine D’Leur
“A gripping fun suspense thriller and cozy mystery. Set in a small ski town and centered around a magical bakery. This is humorous American literature at its best.” Dan Collins Dartmouth
“I love books with arts and crafts and small town cozy mysteries! This one take place at the Enchanted Cafe – a bookstore/cafe that serves up magical recipes and happiness for its customers! Soooo cute! I love that the author weaves in animals as characters that move the plot forward. Great fun can’t wait for the next cozy suspense that made me laugh out loud!”
Victoria Josh

“Crime fiction noir at it’s finest. Funny, artful, fast-moving and a great little mystery! Culinary suspense and magical undertones make this a very enjoyable read.”
Agatha Crown

A humorous lighthearted cozy mystery that is full of suspense and twists and turns that will leave you laughing and surprised. Kat O’Hara returns home penniless, heartbroken and without a job. When the magical Landers sisters hire her to run their new Enchanted Book Cafe, little do they suspect that a gruesome murder is about to take place in the small town of Kissing Bridge Mountain. Things bubble over at the big chili cook-off when a crockpot goes missing and a body is found.

5*” These two amateur sleuths and the darn hilarious cat with a crockpot of chili? How could I not love it! Absolutely adored the characters right off the bat and Kat with her five cats named after the goddesses – brilliant!” Pam Orleans

5* “First time reader of Ms. West and I must say I am addicted! So funny, such cute dark humor but yet sweet and wholesome! I intend to go back and read the romance series this culinary cozy branched off of! I’d give this book a 10* if I could!”
Chloe Dennis

5* “I love Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum and family characters but this is a whole new level of fun and crime. Complete with some of the best recipes ever. Those magical Landers can cook and enchant! Best new women detectives with mystical funny overtones you can’t help but turn the pages. I finished it in one sitting!”
Carol Morrison

5*” Simply my favorite new cozy mystery/culinary mystery all year! Soo cute with the town of Kissing Bridge with all the sweet shops and art & crafts and funny unique characters. A new fan!!!”
Mary Knight

“5***** “Funny! I laughed out loud. This book is unique and page turning. Highly recommended!” S. Sprawling FutureTrends

“5****** Love these characters. Kat with her darn bottle caps and Ethel with her bat cane OMB I laughed out loud which is a rare thing. The best amateur sleuths ever! Lots of books claim that but I rarely find them funny. This one did it for me! Will be looking for the next one in the series!” Dawn Deviso Youngstown, NY

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