Daddy, are you rich?

Written by Susan Henaghan
Category: · Business & Money

Daddy, are you rich?

The answer will determine the whole life of the child.

This book mainly concentrates on the effects of either being rich or poor as a father to the children. Throughout the world, there is a classification which is usually based on the financial level of the is true that there is a difference in the way the two groups end up being one they grow up but it is just a relative outcome which is not subjected to everyone in either of the two socio economic groups. It is always believed that those who are born from rich families have a good life and are always happy while those from poor families do not enjoy the same way. Truth is, both parties have their own way of making the best of what they have and also have a great deal of problems mainly unique to each. A father’s wealth greatly influences the outcome of the child but it does not mean that a poor child will end up being a poor adult and while a rich kid will end as a rich adult. There are other factors that determine the overall outcome of the person and thus one should not really blame a father for not achieving a dream. Parents try as much as possible to make the best out of the children though in some cases, the children themselves determine where they want to end up in life.



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