Culinary School: The Cookbook

Written by S.J. Sebellin-Ross

Chocolate stout crème brûlée, rich and deep and dark. Warm salad with snap-crisp bacon and plump poached eggs. Mussels in fiery curry sauce laced with luscious coconut milk. Red onions caramelized with sweet yellow butter and fragrant herbes de Provence.

“Culinary School: The Cookbook” contains the tried and true recipes created by chefs, perfected in restaurants, and given to students as shining examples of the best-of-the-best.

There are appetizers, such as the incredibly simple, overwhelmingly impressive shrimp on toast with a citrus beurre blanc. Salads including the picnic-fresh corn salad with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. You’ll get entrées, such as the company-pleasing pork stroganoff, and addictively good vegetables, including the succulent pan-fried eggplant in tomato sauce. You’ll get starches and sauces, from the scrumptious basil and ricotta gnocchi to the jewel-toned apple chutney. And, you will get show-stopping desserts including a vanilla-scented, mile-high apple pie.

Along the way, you’ll also get cooking tips straight from culinary school including how to strip the leaves off a tarragon stem. How to tell when oil is the ideal temperature for cooking. How to safely substitute ingredients, perfectly salt food, and expertly caramelize ingredients to give them incredibly rich color and flavor.

And, best of all, you’ll get culinary school anecdotes. You’ll read about the day all cooking ground to a halt due to one, little mistake. You’ll learn about fava beans shooting across the kitchen with Superman speed. And you’ll even read about the key ingredient no one ever guessed was missing from the tangerine vinaigrette.

Noted restaurant critic, food journalist, and cookbook author, S.J. Sebellin-Ross ( is a top-selling writer whose books include “Culinary School: Three Semesters of Life, Learning, and Loss of Blood,” the bestselling memoir of her time as a culinary school student; “Culinary School: 101 Things Every Culinary Student Should Know Before They Go,” considered the must-read book for anyone interested in culinary school and food; and “How to Write about Food: How to Become a Published Restaurant Critic, Food Journalist, Cookbook Author, and Food Blogger,” the definitive guide to breaking in and making money as a published food writer.

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