Culinary School: The 164 Best Cooking Tips and Tricks

Written by S.J. Sebellin-Ross

These are the wonderful, clever, secret tips and tricks culinary school chefs teach culinary school students. The ones that make cooking faster and easier. The ones that catapult ingredients from the boringly simple to the gloriously sublime. The ones that deliver meals rich with enticing flavors, exhilarating textures, and gloriously heady scents.

Such as the secret ingredient that instantly adds color and texture to every dish. The basic tool in every kitchen that you can use to instantly gauge when cooking oil is the perfect temperature. The simple two-second trick you can rely on to tell you the ideal moment to add food to your sauté pan. And the tips and tricks you need to quickly, easily turn ordinary ingredients into meals succulent with beguiling flavors and incredibly seductive aromas.

Culled from class after class of culinary school chefs, these are the best of the best of the professional tips and tricks. They are not difficult. Nor are they complicated. What they are are the handy, simple, incredibly useful insider tips and tricks chefs use every day to make cooking easier, food tastier, and meals memorably exhilarating. Professional tips and tricks you can use, too, to create the extraordinary professional-quality dishes any chef would be proud to serve.

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