Cruz Control: In Bad Company (The Saint series Book 6)

Written by Tiana Laveen
Category: · Romance

CRUZ CONTROL – Book 6 of the Saint Series written by Tiana Laveen

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ! This book was previously released in an anthology entitled, “The Company.” This story is now being offered as a standalone in eBook and paperback. If you’ve read the story, “Cruz Control – In Bad Company” previously, please note that the premise of the story is the same. The differences are many minor changes regarding word usage, dialogue etc. and one added scene that the original book did not have. There has also been a cover change to more properly match the author’s vision.

The Saint Series books go in the following order:

1.The Naughty Sins of a Saint
2.When Saint Goes Marching In
3.Saved and SAINTified
4.Saint’s Sacrament – Sins of the Father
5.Saint and Sinners – The King Angel Child of New York
6.Cruz Control – In Bad Company

Like every book in the Saint series, this book can be read without knowledge of the others in the series if the reader so wishes. Cliff notes are provided within the beginning of the text.

This book is for mature adults only. It contains graphic language, violence, and sexual interactions. Reader discretion is advised.


Cruz Black is an enigma. Born in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, he spent most of his life attempting to escape the stifling, horrifying bonds of his bloodline. Part Angel Child, part Demon Child, his upbringing was built on the opposite side of ‘normal’. But, things change when the notorious King Angel Child of New York, Dr. Saint Aknaten, takes him under his wing. During an investigation into a Los Angeles hate crime case assigned to him by Saint, Cruz finds much more than he bargained for…

Erika Goodwin is the girl next door with a twist. Sassy and confident, she has culinary talent to sell. Her skills are praised, but her luck doesn’t extend to the romance department. She has big dreams, and not just career-wise. If only love were as easy to create as a mouthwatering dish…

When the two cross paths, sparks fly in an inferno of attraction. Like brimstone bricks, the pair fall for each other fast and hard, and the chemistry is unmistakable. Cruz has found his mate, but will Erika stick around once he reveals the true nature of a beast?



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