Crock Pot Express® For Two Cookbook : Healthy, Easy And Delicious Crock Pot Express Recipes for Two

Written by Patrick King

Is your Crock Pot Express quietly sitting in a corner gathering dust because you don’t have a large family?

Many Crock Pot Express® cookbooks offer recipes meant to serve 6 or more. But when you’re cooking for a smaller household, leftovers either go to waste or straight to your waist. Luckily, Crock Pot Express® For Two Cookbook has reengineered your favorite recipes to achieve the same delicious results in perfectly sized portions. With Crock Pot Express® For Two cookbook you’ll create foolproof, scaled-down versions of your favorite and delicious recipes.

You have the best Crock Pot Express® recipes ever adjusted for only 2 servings available for you at all time!

The Crock Pot Express® For Two Cookbook includes:

•Breakfast Recipes
•Meat Recipes
•Poultry Recipes
•Soup, Pasta & Rice Recipes
•Vegetarian Recipes
•Seafood Recipes
•Dessert Recipes

You don’t have to calculate your servings anymore when you want to make something tasty for you and your special someone!

Happy Cooking!



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