Create stunning journals & workbooks using Canva & CreateSpace

Written by Sarah Lentz
Category: · Arts & Photography

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own journals or workbooks — either to use yourself, to give as gifts, or to create a learning resource for others — but you have neither the time nor the money to invest in a design program (and in learning how to use it) — this is the book that will help you create them at minimal cost and with less time spent learning how to design your book’s cover.

You don’t need a degree in graphic design to create a stunning book cover.

Have you ever tried downloading a complicated design program for a “free trial,” only to abandon it to recover from a serious case of “feature overload”?

Are you sick of experts telling you that you need to have a professionally designed cover in order to have a book that people will actually buy?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Why does it have to be so COMPLICATED?”

It doesn’t. Because there’s Canva!

Canva is the program that makes it possible to create beautiful book covers and to learn more about what makes a design appealing — all with an interface that makes it easy, enjoyable, and quick to learn and to apply your new designer skills.

CreateSpace is the website that makes it easy to create engaging and attractive book interiors and to publish your print-on-demand journals and workbooks without stress or hassle.

Whether you’d like to create a journal or activity book to give as gifts or you have an idea for a workbook that will be a valuable learning tool for others, this is the book that will help you create it and publish it quickly and easily — and without spending any money on software or a publishing package.

There’s nothing wrong with having a professionally-designed cover, but if you’re not in a position where you can afford to pay $50 or more for it, don’t let that stop you!

There’s plenty you can do to build up your own designing chops, using a design program that is completely free, intuitively designed, and ADHD-friendly (speaking from the author’s own experience).

Canva can help you create a stunning cover for your journal or workbook (or planner), and this book will help you make the most of its potential — and yours.

Get your own copy of this book — while it’s still at 99 cents — and get started creating your low-cost or no-cost journal or workbook. I look forward to meeting you on the inside and helping you create something you’ll be proud to share with others.



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