Conversation Tactics: Workplace Strategies (Book 4) – Win Office Politics, Disarm Difficult Coworkers, Get Ahead & Rise To The Top

Written by Patrick King
Category: · Business & Money

Were you passed over for a promotion, or want to ensure that never happens? Are you unsure how to fit in and get along at the office?

The modern workplace is a stressful pressure cooker + dangerous maze, and how you fare is determined not by your work – but by (1) politics, (2) your workplace conversation skills, and (3) how to make yourself essential and likable. Workplace Conversation Tactics gives you the tools you need to nab every promotion and become irreplaceable in your office… and above all else, make sure you never get overlooked again.

Quickly climb any workplace ladder.

Workplace Conversation Tactics takes a deep look into what really allows people to rise like a superstar, and the biggest and most surprising mistakes people make that hold them back and make them prime targets to be overlooked. With this book, you’ll be able to decipher what people are really saying in the office to move on up at an unprecedented rate, while making friends and connections along the way.

Become the ultimate team player and fit any company culture.

Why listen to me? I’m a Social Skills and Conversation Coach and international bestselling author – I’m a student of social psychology and teach charisma and likability for all contexts. I work closely with clients to improve their social confidence, social presence, conversation skills, and ability to connect quickly. This book contains all that and more – including how to gracefully defend against several types of coworkers that try to sabotage you at every turn- diplomatically navigate any delicate situation!

How will you learn to win office politics and get ahead?

How to disarm underminers and bullies.
✔ Email tactics for efficiency and productivity.
Dealing with brown-nosers and suck-ups.
✔ How to make your mark in meetings.

Become more effective and likable:

How to get ahead and make a great workplace impression.
✔ Winning office politics.
How to speak up confidently.

FINALLY get recognition for all that you do.

Workplace Conversation Tactics gives you the power to take your fate into your own hands, and not dependent on others to recognize your contributions. Learn how to deal with all sorts of personalities in a way that reflects positively upon you and without awkward tension.

Get your due and learn conversation tactics to make you charming and appear informed and productive. Communicate effectively with anyone and master the art of office diplomacy.

Don’t wait to be overlooked – act now and skyrocket your workplace standing.

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