Conversation Tactics: Strategies to Confront, Challenge, and Resolve (Book 2) – Difficult Conversations Made Painless (Conversation Tactics for Better Relationships)

Written by Patrick King
Category: · Business & Money

Do you want to resolve conflict peacefully without creating awkward tension? To stand up for yourself, set boundaries, and never feel disrespected?

What if you could have those tough personal and professional conversations with less stress… and more success?

Prevent avoidance and fear from dictating your decisions.

Enter Conversation Tactics: Difficult Conversations Edition! This follow up to the international bestseller Conversation Tactics: How to Charm, Befriend, and Defend is the resource that will teach you how to: (1) confront without creating a confrontation, (2) say everything you’ve always wanted to, and (3) keep everyone calm and peaceful.

Difficult, tense conversations are a necessity in every aspect of our daily lives. Unfortunately, most of us are not equipped nor educated to handle them in a productive, calm manner. This book is the product of years of social interaction and conversation coaching – I know exactly how to say it, and when to say it to resolve conflict without awkward tension.

You will learn to speak so people will listen.

You’ll learn how to calmly solve any problem, minimize misunderstandings, and diffuse leftover tension – and the exact phrases to use.

What else will you learn in Conversation Tactics?

•The importance of the third story and how to find it.
How to create a space of safety and vulnerability for honest discourse.
•The best ways for tact and creating a win-win situation.
A phase-by-phase formula for any difficult conversation.
• How to give and receive feedback and criticism optimally.
How to outsmart insults, dirty tactics, and impossible people.

Your difficult conversation can have two results.

You will either: (1) feel as free as a bird that was locked in a cafe, or (2) like you just dug your own grave. With Conversation Tactics, you’ll turn any difficult conversation into a win-win situation and both parties will walk away happy and free.

Your relationships will improve and grow with honesty and trust.

You’ll never be a doormat again, and you will always be able to make your voice heard. You will gain skills for meaningful and honest communication and calmly solve any problem. You will be able to open a dialogue with anyone about anything without the fear of creating tension or saying the wrong thing.

Never be stumped for the right words again.

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