Control Freakz (Control Freakz Series Book 1)

Written by Michael Evans

Memories will haunt you.

Natalie has lost everything but herself, and she’s just one of thousands. After Protocol 00 is enacted, Natalie’s family is taken by the government, along with the families of her two best friends, Hunter and Ethan. With nothing to lose and the threat of government hitmen kidnapping them at any moment, the three must battle to survive in a horrid, post-apocalyptic world run by President Ash and his invasive government. 

Risking ruthless leaders, attempted mind control, and her very existence on the planet, Natalie, along with Hunter and Ethan, will stop at nothing in their quest to regain everything they’ve ever known. But there are unrivaled powers working against them, and with impending doom looming at any moment, there is no one to trust and nowhere to hide. In a life devoid of hope, happiness, and safety, Natalie must battle both the darkness lurking inside and out of her in order to regain one fleeting memory of her past that has all but fallen away for good, but it might already be too late.

Here’s what people are saying about Control Freakz:

“A unique story written by a talented teen author!” – Brittney Kristina author of Forsaken and Fifty Days
“Control Freakz has strong and compelling themes, as well as a handful of interesting characters with stellar dystopian worldbuilding.” – Olivia J. Bennett author of A Cactus in the Valley

“At such a young age the author, Michael Evans, is off to a good start with his vivid descriptions and internal monologues.” – Jordon Greene author of To Watch You Bleed



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