Compose Better Pictures: A Beginners Guide on How to Improve Your Digital Photography with Better Composition 2013 (Take Better Pictures For Beginners)

Written by Edwin Jones
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Compose Better Pictures: A Beginners Guide on How to Improve Your Digital Photography with Better Composition 2013

This is an illustrated photography book containing straightforward advice on how to improve your Digital Photography with better Composition. The approach of this book is to provide a short beginners guide which avoids being confusing or overly technical.

This Book will suit you if –

  • You are looking for a Beginners Guide to Photography.
  • You cannot work out why your pictures do not look better.
  • You want a quick read to give the basics of good photographic composition
  • You want a Book illustrated with great pictures.

Learn Quickly and Easily How to Take Better Pictures

This book will teach you how to take better photos. For this book it does not matter whether you have a top of the range SLR Camera or a basic picture taking mobile phone. For any photograph taken with any device the basic starting point is composing a good looking picture.

Even if you do not consider yourself any type of photographer, but just want to take better holiday snaps, this book will teach you how to do that.

However if you want to go further than that into more creative photography this book will also start you out on that road.

What this Book Will Teach You

There are many common mistakes made when taking a picture and these can be readily explained and illustrated with examples of how to do it right. The following are the areas of Composition you will learn about –

  1. Main Subject
  2. Rule of Thirds
  3. Good Balance
  4. Compose with Focus
  5. Compose with Lines
  6. Using Movement
  7. Viewpoint
  8. Symmetry
  9. Patterns and Shapes
  10. Create Depth
  11. Watch the Edges
  12. Frame the Image
  13. Landscape
  14. Seascape
  15. Nature
  16. Street Photography
  17. Night and City
  18. Portrait
  19. Action and Movement                   

Before You Buy This Book Note That

This is not for you if you want a book which will take hours to read and is full of complex jargon.

This is a short guide for beginners. To give you an idea the meat of the book has 6700 words but contains 42 pictures to illustrate each point made. All but 2 of the images are the author’s.

About the Author

Edwin Jones lives in the UK and has been a keen photographer for 30 years.

His specialties are Sports, Action, Architecture and Buildings. Especially over the last few years he has been using HDR processing to enhance the detail in photographs.

Edwin runs a Website to display his work for sale. He also operates a Blog where he posts his pictures with details of the taking of each image and the processing used to achieve the final result.

He is an active and well known participant of the Flickr photo sharing website.


Need more information? Why not scroll up and click “Look Inside” on the Cover to see the first part of the Book. Even better click the Sent Sample Now button. The Sample includes one of the Author’s pictures so you can see how the illustrations will display i



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