Company Commander: The Classic Infantry Memoir of WWII

Written by Charles B. MacDonald
Category: · History

Many great books have been written about World War Two – but Company Commander describes the war at first hand.

As a newly commissioned Captain of a veteran Army regiment, MacDonald’s first combat was war at its most hellish — the Battle of the Bulge.

In this plain-spoken but eloquent narrative, we live each minute at MacDonald’s side, sharing in all of combat’s misery, terror, and drama.

How this green commander gains his men’s loyalty in the snows of war-torn Europe is one of the great, true, unforgettable war stories of all time.

The book comes with an introduction by Ronald H. Spector, author of Eagle Against the Sun.

Company Commander is a stark view of one of the most brutal battles of the Second World War.

Praise for Charles B MacDonald:

‘Nowhere is there a more honest, unassuming portrayal of the hopes and dreams and fears of a young infantry captain.’ – Saturday Review

‘Impressive.’ – New York Times

Charles B. MacDonald also wrote A Time for Trumpets and other books. In the war, he rose to the rank of Captain of the 23rd Infantry of the 2nd Division. After the war, in which he was awarded the Purple Heart and the Silver Star, he became an official Army Historian, retiring as Deputy Chief Historian in 1979.



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