Collapse: Clash of the Aliens (Book 1): A Dystopian Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction Thriller Five Book Series

Written by M. B. Wood
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Readers of Analog, Asimov and Locus Magazine will enjoy the Clash of the Aliens Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic pentalogy.

Global reaction to Richard Nixon’s resignation broadcast creates a giant pulse of electromagnetic energy that is noticed light years away in other parts of the Universe.The event alerts alien races who recognize –and need– the resources of Earth. Decades later, humanity destroys itself.

Taylor McPherson, from Cleveland, Ohio, whose life is shattered by terrorist induced Armageddon rises to confront ensuing anarchy. He and his clan struggle to establish a society where the rule of law prevails. Proud, fierce and free, they take the first steps to restoring law and justice.

Suddenly, the aliens arrive, and things aren’t good for the surviving humans who must now confront them….

M.B. Wood’sCollapse, the first installment in the Clash of the Aliens series, delivers a post-apocalyptic thrill ride. Wood weaves a fast-paced narrative moving between a far-off alien race on a collision course with our world and its survivors left to pick up the pieces after terrorist-instigated nuclear holocaust. Fans of prepper/post-apocalyptic tales the likes of Joe Nobody’s Holding Their Own series, will feel right at home in this novel as much as any sci-fi fan.

Native Clevelanders are in for a special treat and will recognize the real-life locations referenced in the book.

Read all five in the series.

Collapse ISBN 978-1-387-33591-6

Stranger ISBN 978-1-387-52302-3

The Hoo-Li Chronicles ISBN 978-1-387-60260-5

New Star ISBN 978-1-387-60261-2

Dawn ISBN 978-1-387-60262-9

Kirkus Review

After a nuclear strike ravages the world, suburbanites in northeast Ohio struggle in a harsh new environment of subsistence-survival and murderous gangs unaware an alien spaceship is en route…Wood tells his prepper yarn in effective, get-the-job-done prose reminiscent of Alistair MacClean….Nuclear holocaust, savagery, and space aliens converge on Cleveland in a competent start to a five-part series.

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