Cold Blooded Assassin Book 9: Bloody Justice (Nick McCarty Assassin)

Written by Bernard Lee DeLeo

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The Illuminati need Islam’s horde to establish their ‘One World Order’, infiltrating and destroying nations from the inside out. The secret society wants Nick McCarty’s Unholy Alliance and John Harding’s Monster Squad gone, along with the new City of Hope in the Sahara, where Arabic peoples have created a wonderland without Islam.

Nick McCarty and John Harding begin to envision the world as a chessboard, where they have been sent as pawns, along with thousands of others, in false flag wars. Not knowing when to cut their losses, the Illuminati Satanic society targets the deadliest killers in the world….Game on!

“Bernard Lee DeLeo’s COLD BLOODED series owns the cutting edge of modern crime fiction. Action, suspense, humor, it’s all there! Block out some time, because once you start one of these masterfully written adventures, you won’t want to stop. I had to tear myself away to get some sleep!”
— Andrew Peterson, bestselling author of the Nathan McBride Series

The Cold Blooded Assassin Series

  1. Cold Blooded 1
  2. Cold Blooded 2: Killer Moves
  3. Cold Blooded 3: Sins and Sanctions
  4. Cold Blooded 4: Bloody Shadows
  5. Cold Blooded 5: Nightmare in Red
  6. Cold Blooded 6: Red Horizon
  7. Cold Blooded 7: Hell on Earth
  8. Cold Blooded 8: Rule of Nightmare
  9. Cold Blooded 9: Bloody Justice

“Bernard Lee DeLeo is one of the purest writing talents I have ever had the pleasure of reading – a brilliant writing talent that I can only envy.”
James Byron Huggins – New York Times Bestselling Author



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