Codependency: FREE: A Guide to Understand and Set Yourself Free from Co-dependency (Selp Help, Codependency, Codependant, Controlling)

Written by A.C. Drexel
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Do you often find yourself in relationships where the other person is quite literally… sucking the life out of you?

Are you experiencing trouble setting your own personal boundaries and struggling to say no on a daily basis?

Do you feel your life is lacking meaning unless you’re “saving” your loved ones from trouble & despair?

Stuck in toxic relationships, you keep thinking love and caring for others is supposed to be like this – a state of constant giving with zero positive return for you.

The truth is this:

The love you have for others shouldn’t burden you with anxiety & depression and cause you negative feelings!

If you’re sick of telling yourself – that’s just who I am – it may be the right time to learn a thing or two about co-dependency.

Give Free – A Guide to Understand and Set Yourself Free from Co-dependency a chance and start living life fully and freely.


Here’s what you will learn from this book:

  • How to track back your co-dependency and understand where it all began!
  • How to leave emotional trauma from your childhood in the past – and learn to focus on your present, true self
  • Explore the symptoms of co-dependency and stop denying the problem you may have
  • Learn more about The Twelve-Step Program that will help you break free and live life to the fullest!
  • How to commit to free and heal yourself from all the wounds of your past – rediscovering your inner child has never been easier!
  • Helpful tips and tricks to prevent yourself from relapsing or falling in a cross-addiction pattern
  • Methods to gain self-confidence and set a positive mindset for yourself!


Stop craving the approval of others and find safety and confidence within you – learn to say NO to others!

It’s about time you welcome and fully embrace your true self – you may discover everyone will absolutely love and admire that person as well!


Download Free – A Guide to Understand and Set Yourself Free from Co-dependency today and start living life for yourself.


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