Clean Eating: 1000 Anti Inflammatory Clean Eating Recipes: Intuitive Eating, Clean Eating Cookbook including the Best Instant Pot, Paleo and Air Fryer Recipes

Written by Mercedes Del Rey

These 1000 Recipes are the fundamental key to renewed health, improved wellbeing, a fresher, younger body and a new lease of life

An incredible range of flavours that aim to please every palate with lasting improvements in auto-immune conditions

Finally, we have a practical and effective answer to the problems of an over-active inflammatory system. It should come as no surprise to learn that the simplest and easiest way to restore our health and wellbeing is to choose the kind of nutrition that totally supports the body’s needs. And that means smart nutrition. It means the kind of food that our bodies thrive on. It means a break from the highly-processed convenience foods that are often the underlying cause of auto-immune problems, obesity, heart problems, diabetes and dozens of other completely avoidable diseases.

One of the greatest benefits of adopting a healthier, more natural style of eating is the wonderful way our bodies respond to the change in diet. To start, it’s completely natural to lose excess weight. That’s absolutely right. You read that correctly but it’s so important that it’s worth repeating: healthy, natural food stimulates our fat-burning metabolism and encourages our cells to burn fat as fuel, It’s one of the most effective and enduring ways to tame weight problems. Natural nutrition can also tame an over-active immune system, helping our bodies to heal and recover. And the only side effects are improved health and wellbeing!

But this amazing way of eating does even more than boost your energy and rebalance your health. It also offers an incredible range of tastes, aromas, textures and flavours, turning every mealtime into a feast and a daily celebration of truly robust health.

Acclaimed nutritionist and international wellbeing specialist, Merche del Rey, has compiled one of the best smart nutrition recipe collections on the market today. This mouthwatering collection of one thousand imaginative dishes has been created to treat your taste buds as well as enhance your health. The recipes are drawn from the highly-respected Paleo tradition and include the latest Instant Pot and Air Fryer cooking techniques to make your mealtimes easy, fast and a pleasure to enjoy every single day.

Amongst a wealth of fabulous dishes, you can enjoy:

  • The proven weight-loss benefits of the Paleo Nutrition System
  • Smoother, clearer and more youthful skin and a leaner, trimmer figure
  • Fast and convenient food preparation and fabulous food choices for every day of the year
  • The versatility of the Instant Pot cooking system and the healthy delights of the Air Fryer
  • More energy and improved stamina

˃˃˃ A perfect way to take care of your health

Smart nutrition is taking the world by storm. More and more health professionals are recognizing the incredible benefits of healthy eating and recommending smart nutrition as the safest and most effective way to restore real health and wellbeing. These recipes go far beyond the traditional role of the modern cookery book. This is the fundamental key to renewed health, improved wellbeing, a fresher, younger body and a new lease of life. Don’t waste another second.

Scroll up and grab a copy today and take a powerful step on the pathway to complete wellbeing.



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