Circle of 5ths Level 2 – Tritone Chord Substitutions & Beautiful Harmonic Chord Progressions: Circle of 5ths Music Theory

Written by Rosa Suen
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Circle of 5ths Manual Level 2 – Tritone Chord Substitutions for Dominant 7 & Minor 7 Chords – For Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Musicians

This Circle of 5th Manual Level 2 follows up from Level 1. Level 2 concentrates on Tritone Chords and how to put in Tritone Chord Substitutions to create beautiful harmonic chord progressions you often hear in the playing of professional musicians, particularly in Jazz Music.

These are the topics covered:

Chapter 1: Tritone Chord Substitution
Chapter 2. Tritone Wants to Resolve
Chapter 3 Tritones in All 12 Dominant 7 Chords
Chapter 4 Advanced Harmony: Put in Tritone Chord Substitution
Chapter 5 Two Magical Ways to Find the Tritone Chord Substitutions
Chapter 6 Tritone Chromatic Movement
Chapter 7 Song Application – Little Brown Jug – Using Tritone Chord Substitution
Chapter 8 When To Avoid Doing Tritone Chord Substitution?
Chapter 9 Improvisation on ii7 V7 I
Chapter 10 Jazzy Turn Around – 3 6 2 5
Chapter 11 Formula for the Jazzy Turn Around 3 6 2 5 in C Key
Chapter 12 – Turn Around in Eb Key
Chapter 13 – Smooth Voicing in the Turn Around
Chapter 14 Improvise on the 3625 Turn Around in all 12 Keys
Chapter 15 Tritone Chord Substitution to Minor 7 Chords
Chapter 16: Minor 7 Chord Substitutions
Chapter 17: Golden Rule of Tritone Chord Subs
Chapter 18 Applying Golden Rule to 36251 Progression
Chapter 19 Apply Tritone Chord Substitutions to E7 A7 D7 G7 C
Chapter 20 Only Need One Circle to Find Tritone Chord Substitutions



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