Children’s Books: WILL YOU BE MY MOTHER? (Adventurous and Fun, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book, About Appreciating Mothers, for Beginner Readers, with over 40 Whimsical Illustrations, Ages 2-8)

Written by Sally Huss
Category: · Children’s Books

A little raccoon decided he did not want to do what his mother wanted him to do. So, he left home in search of finding another mother to be his mother. Wandering through the forest, he inquired of several likely candidates whether or not they would be willing to be his mother. This included a chipmunk, a squirrel, a bluebird, an anteater, even a beaver —

There in a river stream
A beaver family was creating their dream –
A house made of twigs and sticks,
As strong as a house made of bricks.

With their big, flat tails a’flapping
They were building a home for their future eating and napping.

“Will you be my mother?” called the raccoon to the mother beaver.
“Can you work like a beaver?” she wanted to know.
“We work in the summer heat and in the winter snow.”

To the little raccoon, it didn’t sound like much fun.
He was getting no further than from where he’d begun.

*All in rhyme, this story tells the tale of every child who thinks of leaving home, then reminds him or her of the importance of a mother’s love.

*Over 40 adorable illustrations float through the story to bring it to life.

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