Children’s book: “Oops i wet my pants” :Bedtime story, Beginner readers, early learning, values(sleep goodnight)Toilet training Personal Hygiene(kids books … early readers bedtime picture book)

Written by Sigal Adler

Children Books:Oops i wet my pants

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If you feel you need to go

even while you play,

Go straight to the bathroom

without any delay.”

Toilet training funny Children book

Its a Children book for beginner reader – (easy to read)

FUNNY Children STORY (rhymes stories for children) best seller in toilet training, Hygiene book children Series – values and – respect for – family and self-esteem
easy to read alone for beginner readers.Dealing whit wet pants and wet bed- This new experience for kids -This- book teaches children – go to the bathroom in time – in- humor story for children- also for bedtime book-Help the child with – Self-esteem and confidence and education to be an independent child.
“Great picture book for children 2 to 6 years of age. Gets them interested in reading and trying to sound out the words themselves. Great children book for beginner readers and before bed time. Great -Illustrations kids picture book
Pamela .L

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I enjoyed reviewing this charming little book for children. The book is written in rhyme and includes colorful illustrations. This book explains why it is important for children to use the restroom when they feel the need. Never delay when you have to go! Highly recommended for kids, parents, and teachers.By Becky C-A
“Perfect for toddler learning bathroom skills! December 19, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
This book is so perfect for the toddler learning to stay dry!! It simply tells it as it is..that it is a process and that it takes time!! The book identifies with the child that it is OK and normal to have mistakes…written in the charming, child friendly style that only Sigal Adler captures with her catchy words!! highly recommended !!!
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