Children’s book: “A Bookworm’s Feast”: Kids Basic Concepts Story Picture Book for early/ beginner readers

Written by Benny Levin
Category: · Children’s Books

Follow a delightful little worm as she reads, munches, and transforms the letters of a book

Book worms love to eat the printed letters of a book.

They are very tasty. She crawled over and sat upon the letter B and began to chew, eating and eating until the B became a letter R.

She sat down to rest and chewed with pleasure. She continued to eat,

biting further into the letter until it became a letter P.

The worm was full, so she lay down to rest. Then she went on

eating and did not stop until the P became an F.

With little left to eat at the end, she looks toward the future

She ate and read, read and ate, until the F became the letter I.

As she went on eating, she thought to herself “what else is left?”

as she turned it into just a dot – a period at the end of a sentence.

As night came, the worm asked herself what the future holds.

Will computer worms work the same way, enjoying as does she, reading and eating?

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