Cherry Pop (Vampire Cherry Book 0)

Written by Sotia Lazu

Urban Fantasy novella, prequel to the Vampire Cherry series.

“The significance of things is rarely apparent at the moment they occur. People don’t know it’s the last time they’re making love with a significant other or the last time they’re seeing a friend, until long after the moment has come and gone. Lovers grow distant, friends drift apart, and one day you look back at that time you dug your nails in his back, or that phone call you ended way too soon, and wish you’d known you’d never get another chance. Wish you’d savored it while it lasted, instead of taking it for granted.

I often wish I’d realized the last time I felt the sun caressing my skin.

Or the last time I heard my mother’s voice.

Hell, I wish I’d known the last time I heard my heart beat.”

Follow Cherry’s first steps into a world she was never prepared for, in this prequel to the Vampire Cherry series.



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