Cherry Blossom Girls 2: A Superhero Harem Adventure

Written by Harmon Cooper
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Success beyond my wildest dreams? Too bad I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it.

No time to sit back and watch the fame roll in when you’re being hunted by superpowereds and a private military force.

Still, everything was going according to plan.

Grace, Veronique, and I were headed south. Our target? The secret government facilities scattered across the country. The second installment of Mutants in the Making was nearing completion, ready to be published any day now.

Things were tense, but all was well.

I wish they would have stayed that way …

Warning: Cherry Blossom Girls 2 contains a harem; gamelit LitRPG humor/stats; violence; telepathic, shifter, teleportation and vampiric superpowers used for auto theft, mind games, and the exploitation of the general public. This series was inspired by The Tick, Stranger Things, Deadpool, Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions, and the anime Elfen Lied.



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