Chasing the Wind

Written by C. C. Humphreys
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

You should never fall in love with a flyer. You should only be in love with flight.

That’s the rule that Roxy Loewen – aviatrix, and protégé of the great Amelia Earhart – always lives by. Until she falls hard for fellow pilot Jocco Zomack and he leads her into a whole heap of trouble. From African skies to a hot cellar in Madrid, from the Berlin Olympics to the last flight of the Hindenburg, from gun running to the heist of the century, Roxy is just one step ahead of the Nazis – and one loop-de-loop from disaster.

“A barrel-rolling barn-burner of a book! Roxy’s got a tender heart with a steel jacket, and the skill and courage to bring her in on a wing and a prayer. A good thing, because this girl doesn’t pack a parachute.” —Diana Gabaldon



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