Charlie Franks is A-OK (Coco and Charlie Franks Novels Book 2)

Written by Cecily Anne Paterson
Category: · Children’s Books

When you fall off your horse, it’s hard to get back on.

But this time, with everything on the line, Charlie’s going to have to be brave.

Unlike her drama-queen twin sister, Charlie Franks is always fine. At least she is until she has to start a new school, finds out she can’t ride her new horse, and gets told that her Mum has something totally weird wrong with her.

Charlie’s not A-OK. Not at all.

And she can’t see how things are ever going to get better. 

The Coco and Charlie Franks novels are like ‘Liv and Maddie’ meets ‘The Saddle Club’. Take a pair of zany twins, add a horse or two and some humorously embarrassing moments and you’ve got Coco and Charlie’s life on the farm. If you’re a brave-hearted girl who loves family, friends, horses, adventure and the challenge of finding what you’re good at, this is the book for you.

Charlie Franks is A-OK is the second book in the Coco and Charlie Franks series, and the fourth novel by Australian author, Cecily Anne Paterson. It won the CALEB writing prize in 2017.

Cecily Anne Paterson’s first teen novel, Invisible, also set in Australia, was a semi finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in 2014. She has had three other books short listed in the CALEB and SparkLit writing prizes.

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