Written by Carolyn Paine Miller

Captured! pulses with all the drama of a novel, yet is the true story of real people caught in the crossfire of war and revolution. From the frightening explosion of bombs around their home in Vietnam to the triumphant welcome on their return to the United States, Carolyn Miller tells of her family’s capture and eight months of internment as prisoners of the Liberation Armed Forces–the Vietcong.

“I am enormously impressed, both by Carolyn’s genius for writing and by the amazing spirit, not just of fortitutde but of deeply Christian hope than comes through it. It is an arrestingly told story as well as an arresting one.” – Prof C.F.D. Moule, Cambridge University

“I just finished rereading Captured! I read it before I joined Wycliffe in 1978 and appreciate it so much more now. I’m glad it is to be republished.” – Jane Pappenhagen, Wycliffe International

“The book is marvellous and I will treasure it.” – Paul L. Seitz, Bishop of Kontum, Vietnam

“I am impressed by the unvarnished straightforwardness of the account. It is easy to identify with. It rings so true.” – Barbara Wibberly, OMF, Thailand

“Every night before going to bed I read the book. I sometimes get so involved in reading it and forget to sleep. I had felt the Vietnamese War had taken place in another planet but now I feel very close to it.” – Eiko Ujitani, Japan

“It was read over FM radio here in San Diego by John Arthur and kept me spellbound. I had to go out and get a copy. I sure did enjoy it.” – Carole Moore, California

“I feel as if she were in my living room telling me the story.” – Dr. Josephine Rickard, Houghton College

“It’s beautiful! Believe me, it made me miss Vietnam so much! I read it twice and lent it to a lot of friends.”- Thuong Van Lam, Ph.D., Asia-Pacific Teaching Fellow

“Captured! was one of the five finalists for the best book of the year in the biography category at the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.” – Leslie R. Keylock, Editor, Christian Herald Books



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