BUT HER TOP SECRET EMAILS: Clinton’s Email Scandal and Why the FBI Will Recommend Espionage Act Indictments

Written by H. A. Goodman

BUT HER TOP SECRET EMAILS by H. A. Goodman is a book not only about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, but also about an FBI coverup under James Comey’s leadership, and why the FBI will rectify prior mistakes. Ultimately, Trump’s new FBI director Christopher Wray will need to begin a new email probe, primarily because new information will continue to infuriate the public and make a mockery of the rule of law. Clinton’s scandal also made a mockery of the U.S. intelligence community. As a result, the majority of Americans are interested in Clinton’s emails and believe she deserved to be charged with crimes under the Espionage Act. The more people know about this scandal, the more it’s obvious a new FBI director must regain the trust of Americans throughout the nation who now believe elites and the relatives of former presidents can get away with anything. It’s only a matter of time before Congressman Lamar Smith, or the FBI’s Christopher Wray, or Judicial Watch uncovers new information pertaining to the endless stream of overt threats to national security linked to Clinton’s handling of classified data. If people have been indicted and sent to jail for infinitely less, and new information continues to surface regarding overt criminal behavior, Wray and Trump’s administration must eventually do the right thing and begin a renewed probe. Read the book, tell your friends, because the information presented in BUT HER TOP SECRET EMAILS by H. A. Goodman explains exactly why hackers and rival nations already have all of America’s secrets, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.



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