Bushido: The Samurai Code of Honour: The truth about Japanese Samurai wisdom

Written by James Walker
Category: · History

The Samurai of legends continues to captivate us. We wonder if the stories we see depicted in pop culture creations, books, and museums are full of the truth or enhanced to make a point.

You are going to experience the fantastic world of the Samurai, learn the code or Bushido that these men followed, living up to honor and loyalty for their masters as a way of protecting Japan.
The Samurai were highly-skilled warriors, fighting for various reasons, even establishing the feudal era known as Edo, with a social caste system that put them on the top. The Samurai ruled Japan for several years, fought wars for 700, and eventually became obsolete.

But, their traditions and codes are not gone from history. They live on today. Everyone can learn a little something from the Samurai, including how to live a better life. Honoring people, staying loyal, and defending others when it is right are all virtues of the Samurai that can be continued today.
You are going to learn of the eight virtues, the history of the Samurai, some of the most famous warriors, and then you will discover how you can apply their lifestyle to the modern world. Wouldn’t it be nice if people returned to a more chivalrous nature, where lying and devious acts are not acceptable? Where being honest, sincere, and courageous are looked upon with reverence?

The Code of the Samurai or Bushido as written by Inazo Nitobe can teach us a lot about living a decent and kind life. Discover how you can uphold the traditions of highly-skilled warriors, even if you are just a regular person.

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