Bundle of Joy (Rocky Hill Romance) (A Rocky Hill Romance Book 2)

Written by Barbara Bretton

One Man + One Woman + One Night = One Big Surprise

Rocky Hill Romance – Book 2

Everyone in town knew Caroline and Charlie just weren’t meant for each other. Like oil and water or chalk and cheese, the ex-Navy cook and the beautiful shop owner were a bad match, and although the small New Jersey town was filled with inveterate matchmakers, even the most determined of the lot had to admit this was one match that would never happen.

But nobody had figured on Caroline and Charlie getting locked in a storage vault with an automatic timer set for the next morning . . .

And Caroline and Charlie definitely hadn’t figured on the little surprise they got a few months later when they discovered there was a baby on the way!

Caroline is sure she can handle everything alone but Charlie has other ideas: a modern marriage of convenience!

At first there isn’t anything convenient about living with the all-male Charlie Donohue but before long Caroline’s defenses are down and her husband-in-name-only is sharing her bed.

Is there even the slightest chance this marriage of inconvenience could turn into the real thing?

(Originally published in print by Harlequin American)

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