Building Us: A Gay Romantic Comedy and Adventure (Marketing Beef Gay Romance Book 2)

Written by Rick Bettencourt

André Aciman meets David Sedaris. “Rick Bettencourt’s gift for comedic writing continues to swell.” –San Francisco Review of Books ★★★★★

“Bettencourt writes a story that no matter if you’re gay or straight you can understand the trials and tribulations of this loving couple.” –Jazzie J ★★★★★

“During the course of making a movie, making friends and discovering the healing power of love you’ll fall in love too.” –Diane ★★★★★

# 1 Bestseller in Gay & Lesbian Drama (LGBT Drama & Plays)! LGBT Literary Fiction filled with tons of heart.

In the truest sense of the word gay, our marriage doesn’t smack of happily ever after. Sometimes life reaches forward and slaps you upside the head with what’s important—health, love, friends—and alters your course.

In this 83,000-word comedic look at married life…

Evan and Dillon want more than anything to save their marketing firm from bankruptcy—and their marriage from falling apart. Financial problems and health issues distance the two, preventing true love from showing through. Casting their dog in a movie being shot on-location in New England is the only way to meet the next mortgage payment. Now, the studio wants Dillon to take on a new role…leaving his pants behind in the dressing room.

“SERIOUSLY this is a must-read. A standalone is fine, but if you loved Dillon and Ethan in MARKETING BEEF then BUILDING US is a must! The entire book is a great adventure and will become a ‘re-read’ on your bookshelf.”—V.A.S. ★★★★★

“Outstanding!!! I thought it couldn’t get any better when the first book was published but I was so wrong. Rick’ s a great author and his love for the characters shows.”—Jen ★★★★★

Building Us is a sweet, M/M romance with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating. It’s for fans of LGBT literary liction, M/M Romance, and LGBT Drama & Plays. Fans of Daryl Banner, André Aciman, and Riley Hart will be captivated by this comedic mashup of gay romance and literary fiction.

This book is for anybody who loves LGBT literary fiction, drama and plays, MM romance, and romantic comedy full of snappy dialogue, and action and adventure…and, of course, complete with a happy ending.

This is Book Two of the Marketing Beef Gay Romance series but can definitely be read as a standalone.



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