Written by Mark Tullius

Welcome to Brightside. Make Yourself Comfortable…You Won’t Be Leaving

Who Are the Thought Thieves?

They call us Thought Thieves, but it’s not like we have a choice. All the sick twisted things rolling around in people’s heads, we can’t help but hear.

That’s why they rounded us up, stuck us in this little town. It’s to make you feel safe. But they can’t keep us here forever.

It’s Day 100 and it’s all gonna end. One way or another, I’m getting out of Brightside.

˃˃˃ ˃˃˃ Reviewers are sucked in from the start and can’t put it down:

“This book is dark and deep. It grabs you from the start and sinks its teeth into you. I finished this book in a matter of hours because I just could not put it down!” — Crash 86

“…this book is an action-packed thriller from start to finish.” — Lauren

“…a captivating book right from the start…I couldn’t put the book down.” — Olivia King

˃˃˃ ˃˃˃ Reviewers compare Mark Tullius to Stephen King:

“A thought-provoking read with wonderful characters, and a Stephen King tone.”– Melissa Schwab

“Stephen King now has a shelf mate in my Kindle!” — dragonfly

˃˃˃ ˃˃˃ Reviewers want more from Mark Tullius:

“This was the first book I read by Mark Tullius and I now read everything I can from him.” — RAD

I’m adding Mark Tullius to my list of preferred authors.” — jthomato

“A very thought provoking book. I will eagerly wait for more books by Mark Tullius.” — Diane Taylor

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