Brand Justice: A Classic Western

Written by Sam Scott
Category: · History

A brother shot in cold blood | A settlement on the brink of a range war | A woman in hiding
… and everybody’s armed

Territory of Arizona, 1882: Luther Ames returns to the settlement of Trinity Meadows to discover his brother’s fresh grave. It lies beside the charred remains of his cabin. Billy was shot point-blank and burned with a branding iron.

He’s the third such victim in as many weeks.

Rumors swirl that Billy was part of a band of cattle rustlers, but Luther knows that’s a lie.

Scores of cattle are going missing and the town is on the brink of a shooting war between the homesteaders and the wealthy ranchers.

With the killers out for blood, Luther comes across a lone woman hiding in an abandoned shack right in the path of the rustlers. She’s hauntingly beautiful, she’s in danger, and she’s one of the rancher’s daughters.

Suddenly the lines that have been drawn are no longer clear.

Allies might be enemies, friendships are not what they seem, and everybody’s armed…



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