Books for Kids: The Mermaid Adventures – Journey to Shell Island (Children’s Books, Kids Books, Mermaid Books, Bedtime Stories For Kids)

Written by Lindsey Scott

The Mermaid Adventures: Journey to Shell Island (Books for Kids, Mermaid Books) Ages 2-4 4-6 6-9 9-12

Tag along with Penny the mermaid and her friendly pet dolphin Ringo as they journey to the beautiful Shell Island. The mermaids of Olantia love wearing shells in their hair, but they are getting bored with wearing the same shells everyday. Penny volunteers to swim to Shell Island to find and bring back the most beautiful sea shells that the mermaids have ever seen. Along the way, Penny meets friendly sea creatures while exploring the Coral Canyon and the Sea Sponge Valley. While her journey is filled with fun and excitement, Penny quickly realizes that it is getting dark fast! Will she make it to Shell Island safely? Can she find her way back home in the dark?

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