Books for Kids: Halloween with Snowman Paul, (Rhyming Picture Book about Halloween), Beginner Readers, Bedtime Stories (Snowman Paul Book Series, vol. 6)

Written by Yossi Lapid
Category: · Children’s Books

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In this beautifully illustrated sixth volume of Lapid and Pasek’s award-winning picture book series, Dan and Snowman Paul have a Halloween tree-house party, wearing costumes, telling stories, singing songs and getting themselves deliciously spooked. Aliens, witches, dragons and ghosts abound and dire warning signs are everywhere. But will they stop eager visitors from advancing?

Don’t dare come near this tree house.
Don’t even risk a glance.
But if you do, we’re warning you:
There is no second chance!

A dragon will approach you,
And take you on a ride.
He’ll bring you to a party,
Where dragons dance outside!

Offering a fine-tuned blend of mild suspense and reassuring humor this holiday-themed picture book will transport your children into a dream-world where they can safely experience Halloween their own way. The story line encourages children to push past their fears on this spookily entertaining day. The book is perfect for a traditional Halloween-night bedtime story to be enjoyed by the entire family. With catchy rhymes and simple vocabulary, the book is also ideal for beginner readers.

Want to experience fabulous and spooky fun? Join Dan and Snowman Paul in this imaginative and whimsical Halloween adventure.

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