Boogie House: A Rolson McKane Southern Mystery [Book 1]

Written by T. Blake Braddy

While looking into the murder of a young man brutally beaten and dumped in an abandoned juke joint, former cop Rolson McKane makes an astonishing discovery: the victim’s mother is the woman Rolson nearly killed during a drunk-driving incident a month earlier. Rolson’s always struggled with his drinking, but now it seems like he’s trying to hit rock bottom.

But when he realizes the local cops are only interested in protecting a powerful, politically-connected family, he can’t help but get involved. Besides, the justice he seeks may just help absolve him of his guilt over hitting Janita Laveau and the memories which have haunted him since childhood.

As Rolson seeks to uncover the truth of what happened in the Boogie House, he must confront the corruption, racism, and secrets that have plagued his hometown for decades.

‘Boogie House’ is the foreboding first chapter in the Rolson Mckane supernatural mystery series. If you like atmospheric, character-driven novels — think James Lee Burke or a southern Stephen King — then the Rolson McKane books are for you. Buy ‘Boogie House’ to discover just how many lies a small town can withstand before crumbling.

What separates the Rolson McKane series from other southern mysteries and supernatural mysteries?

Rolson McKane. I created this character as a tortured soul, full of flaws, but someone I genuinely feel people can empathize with. He’s got his own past, and there are times he wants to give up, but the drive to do the right thing is much stronger than any negative impulse of his. Then, you have the supernatural. It’s a less flashy version of what you might see in a Stephen King novel, but it is nevertheless always on the edge of the world. I love combining genres, so writing these mysteries, which are crime novels at their hearts, and mixing in the horror and the supernatural, ghost like elements, makes me really happy.

Why the South?

So many books are set in New York or Los Angeles. I think the world of the South, especially rural places like the middle of Georgia, are highly under-served in fiction. Of course, you have the works of people like Flannery O’Connor, but I wanted to do something different. I tried to create subtle horror stories in this sort of mundane world, with a mystery to be solved, as well. I wanted to create my own southern Castle Rock — mostly because Stephen King is my favorite writer — and that’s where you get Lumber Junction from. If you’ve read the books of James Lee Burke (in the Dave Robicheaux series), then you’ll probably have an idea of where I’m coming from here.

So, why should people give the Rolson McKane series a try?

If you like genre fiction that makes you think, books that revolve around flawed characters, or novels with a real, true sense of mystery, then you’ll love the Rolson McKane novels. Each book basically represents a different genre, and the characters are really well-drawn.

What order should I read the books in?
It’s a must that they be read in order, so here is the chronological list:
* Boogie House
* The Devil Came Calling
* Dirt Merchant
* Six Feet South [coming soon]

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