Blue Lives and Laughter: Politically Incorrect Tales from Yesteryear

Written by Steve Takesian

See how cops tormented their detested chief with a vicious K-9 dog and an altered pornographic image.

Why does a cop pull over a “John” and yell at him for NOT picking up a prostitute?

See how two “fitness cops” use donuts to play a cruel and prolonged practical joke on an overweight colleague.

What is a bag lady’s unimaginable answer to the ridiculous question, “Have you seen a tall, thin, Mongolian Jew with red hair?”

Why did cops put on a pink bunny rabbit outfit when dealing with combative prisoners?

After breaking into a building and being discovered in a stack of tires, what does one thief do in his effort to avoid arrest?

The author, a retired police lieutenant, believes political correctness has made police “hi-jinx” all but extinct. In a series of vignettes, enhanced with delightful illustrations, he recalls dozens of dark-humored and hilarious incidents. Despite the edgy nature of the material, the book retains a subtle wholesomeness and is uniquely amusing throughout.



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