Blood on the Moon (The Federal Witch Book 7)

Written by T S Paul
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Working short is never good!

The Magical Division team is back in business but two Agents short. Anastasia is still in the Vampire Nation and Bill is in the hospital. A suspect rogue Werewolf is loose in Tennessee and the team is ordered to capture or kill it.

The only problem is that it may be hiding out in Jackson and the last time Agatha was there she almost burned the place down! Can they catch the killer before it kills again, or will they be killed by the Moon Pack of Jackson?

Life is always interesting around the Federal Witch!

Books in The Federal Witch Series

0. Born a Witch Drafted by the FBI!
1. Conjuring Quantico
2. Magical Probi
3. Special Agent in Charge
4. Witness Enchantment
5. Night of the Unicorn
6. Invisible Elder
7. Blood on the Moon



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