BLOCKCHAIN 3.0: Why Bitcoin, Ethereum and The Other Cryptocurrencies Are Built on an Ancient Technology and How The Tangle Will Replace Them. (A Fintech Fastread)

Written by Filippo Teodoro
Category: · Business & Money

This book is about the latest development in Distributed Ledger Technology. This book looks at the Tangle or IOTA in great detail. Most people have heard of Bitcoin and blockchain, but did you know that Bitcoin runs on Blockchain 1.0? And it is outdated technology. Blockchain technology has many limitations. For instance, Ethereum is a more advanced blockchain, often referred to as Blockchain 2.0. It overcomes some of the challenges faced by Blockchain 1.0.

Yet even Blockchain 2.0 is now ancient technology, thanks to the development of the Tangle. The Tangle is a modern distributed ledger that overcomes all the challenges faced by blockchain. It is a very fast network that is very different from blockchain and is technology for the future. This network was just developed in 2014 and has been around since 2015. However, it has caught the attention of some of the world’s largest technology companies including Microsoft and Volkswagen have partnered with Tangle to conduct major experiments that may just take the world onto another completely different level.

You will learn about some of the exciting applications that can run on the Tangle or Blockchain 3.0. Tangle is very important in providing the best solution for the Internet of Things. There are many gadgets and devices we use today that are connected to the Internet. The Tangle provides the right platform to share, collate, disseminate and store data. Other applications include machine to machine communications, masked authenticated messaging and so much more.

This book will teach you about the exciting features of the Tangle network and its cryptocurrency, the Iota. The Tangle eliminates the need for miners and is absolutely free to use. It is very scalable and can adapt to any project or need in society. It also gets faster and more efficient as it grows bigger, making it a versatile, exciting network for most modern applications. If you are interested in technology and wish to learn more about the latest cryptocurrency in the market as well as the best-decentralized network, then you should get this book.



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