Blockade Runner (Privateer Tales Book 11)

Written by Jamie McFarlane
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Trapped in a far-off galaxy, Liam Hoffen receives news that a massive Kroerak fleet has found its way to Earth. Knowing an invasion is imminent stuns our explorers, but there’s nothing they can do when they discover the interplanetary Trans Loc system has been shut down to stem the tide of invading bugs.

As if things couldn’t get worse; Intrepid is then seized by an overzealous alien government and the crew is relegated to the backwater planet – Zuri. When a chance discovery, that could end Earth’s desperate war comes to light, our heroes find they will stop at nothing to return home. That is if there is anything left.

Blockade Runner, the eleventh installment of the Privateer Tales saga, is an exciting mix of fleet combat, mechanized infantry battles and non-stop space opera action. While this completes the Kroerak story arc, it exposes a new struggle against a corrupt government – the Confederation of Planets.

Interview with the Author

Q – What exactly makes the Privateer Tales series special?

A – When I set out to write Privateer Tales, I wanted to create a modern take on the SF books I read as a teenager and that I still love reading today. My focus is, therefore, space opera with a heavy emphasis on starships, pirates, space combat, inter-galactic travel and exciting, sometimes unexpected technology, all with a strong sense of exploration and discovery.

Privateer Tales stories have a strong component of evolving relationships between the members of the crew and the people they encounter. Throughout the series, we continually pick up new crew members; some stick around while others are only aboard for a short time.

Mostly, I want to feel like I’m right there with my characters – exploring new worlds, interacting with alien species and sailing through the deep dark of space on an important mission.

Q – What order should I read the books in?

A – While each story is written to be a complete, no-cliffhanger adventure, following the numeric series order will be helpful. We’re constantly adding crew, switching ships and discovering new planets and species. There are several shorter stories that are quick reads and focus on specific events outside of our hero’s view.

The following order is recommended:

Rookie Privateer
Fool Me Once
Big Pete (order is unimportant)
Smuggler’s Dilemma
Out of the Tank
A Matter of Honor
Give No Quarter

Q – So, why should readers give these books a try?

A – Privateer Tales stories are a great mix of space opera, exploration, fleet combat, colonization and just plain old action and adventure. Listen to what other readers have said:

“The books are well written, highly entertaining, and the plots are both interesting and imaginative.” – Amazon Reader

“Fun stories, interesting characters, action and best of all, some fun to go with the drama and serious situations. ” – Amazon Reader

“Good basic science fiction which is hard to come by these days.” – Amazon Reader

Q – Can readers try the series before fully committing?

A – Sure. The deals change periodically, so check out my author page here at Amazon for more details and a full list of my available titles. I recommend grabbing up the discounted box set of the first five stories, all in one volume.

And thanks for reading!

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