Bible Belles Children’s Book: “The Adventures of Rooney Cruz: Hannah The Belle Of Prayer” Kid’s Prayer Book For Age 4-10

Written by Erin Weidemann
Category: · Children’s Books

The children’s book “The Adventures of Rooney Cruz: Hannah The Belle Of Prayer” is the first of an original children’s Christian book series presenting real heroes like never before! Give your little belle the chance to learn about and look up to real role models: the Bible Belles! This fun Christian story book is great for pre and early readers age 4-8, and independent readers age 9 and 10.

In this adventurous bible story book, follow main character Rooney Cruz as she embarks on a series of adventures to experience the stories of five superhero women of the Bible – Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth, and Deborah. This superhero childrens book is all about the first hero, Hannah.

Thanks to some help from her guardian angel Mari, Rooney learns about one special superpower that each Belle possessed, earning the power for herself. From the moment Rooney acquires her first superpower, her transformation into a real life superhero begins. In this Christian kid’s book, Hannah learns all about her superhero power of prayer.

In this exciting book, travel with Rooney on many exciting and meaningful adventures that will teach her about the amazing God who loves her and transform her into the greatest superhero of all. Help your little belle learn the true definition of beauty and unlock the secret of her own life: God made her a hero, too! In today’s world, the girls who are the loudest are the ones who get noticed. Together, the Bible Belles show all of us how to make a different kind of noise.

We exist to empower the next generation of girls to make a different kind of noise. We serve the moms and dads out there who struggle with what the world tells their daughters to be. Imagine if you could give your daughter superpowers, a chance to discover the hero inside her heart. Don’t let what the world tells her be her truth. Instead, guide your daughter toward her destiny, and help her discover God’s love and her purpose.



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