Beyond the Bridge (Mortal’s End Trilogy Book 1)

Written by C.D. Beaudin
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

A darkness like no other.

The land of Mortal is plagued with a growing darkness. A ruthless sorceress is taking revenge, and the only thing standing in her way has been locked away for nine years.

Until now.

Awyn is eighteen, and it’s time to die. Her power-hungry uncle had mercy on her years ago, but he knows the only way to secure his throne is if the heir to it dies.

But what neither of them could have predicted is that Awyn manages to escape his sword, and out of the city that has been her torment and dream for the past nine years. But to get away from her uncle’s soldiers, she’s going to have to journey beyond the bridge into an unknown world full of chaos and death—and is plunged into a war with the sorceress herself.

**Beyond the Bridge is a wonderful fantasy story written by a 13 year old author – professionally edited and formatted for publishing.**



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